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Fill fields of the form with the words or phrases that you know from document(s) you are looking for.
Then press the Search button. Use the Clear button to empty the form.

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  • The logical operators connect terms:
    • OR  is the union operator + : all records containing terms A or B (A+B).
      E.g.: (sports + classroom) will display records containing sports or classroom terms.
    • AND  is the combination operator * : all records containing both terms A and B (A * B).
      E.g.: (sports * Africa)
    • NOT  is the exclusion operator ^ : all records containing terms A without B (A ^ B).
      E.g.: (guides ^ Africa)
  • It's possible to use index in order to know the terms used in the database.

Important remark

In opposite to Advanced Search, the research is carried out in all the following fields with Simple Search (implicit or):
  • all titles + translations,
  • all authors,
  • all keywords and words,
  • all series.
So, you can obtain different results from Advanced Search for queries that seem similar.